Sunday, February 26, 2012

Travel checklist

I travel often lately, and from time to time I remember my first trips. I can recall how I always used to forget something at home, then realize in the middle of an unknown city that I'd forgotten something as little as a hair comb, phone charger or nail clippers.

Therefore, long time ago I started a checklist, and now I always run through it before leaving on a trip. It also saves me from worrying if I haven't forgotten something, and this list never failed. I'll share it, maybe others will find it useful. I won't include the common stuff such as "clothes" or "underwear" as that's what most people never forget at home. :)

  • travel documents
    • passport
    • proof of medical insurance
    • vaccination records if needed
    • printed plane / bus / train tickets
    • work permit if needed
    • credit cards, discount cards
  • laptop
  • mobile phone, smart-phone (best if it has GPS & maps)
  • charger(s) for phone, laptop, camera, mp3 player
  • travel adapter(s)
  • printed map(s)
  • sunglasses
  • digital camera
  • network cable
  • headphones / earphones
  • book(s)
  • printed travel guide (I usually check for known scams and other warnings on Wikitravel)
  • driving license
  • napkins
  • hair comb
  • shampoo
  • shaving kit (machine, cream, after shave)
  • toothbrush kit (brush, floss, tooth paste)
  • umbrella
  • small deodorant, perfume
Less important:
  • agenda and a pen
  • data cables (phone, camera)
  • small towel
  • cold pills, stomach pills (you might not find exact matches in the country you visit)
  • antiseptic cream / liquid
  • nail clippers, small scissors
  • bathing suit
  • flip-flops
  • towel
  • back-up shoes, shirt & trousers
  • souvenirs
  • plastic cutlery, cups
  • game cards
As an additional travel precaution, I also scan my travel documents in case I loose them or they get stolen. This can save lots of headache if needed to produce a proof of identity.

Please comment / +1 this article if you forgot one of the items above on your last trip. ;)