Friday, April 18, 2008

Iasi on Google Maps

Finally, Iasi - my home city - can be seen in better quality on Google Maps. I could even find my block of flats.
Thanks Loredana :)

What I learned today

These are some random things that I learned/found out today:

- If you loose something in Germany, you have big chances to find it at the local City Hall. If you don't claim it in 6 months, the City Hall sells your stuff for almost free, in a public auction.

- If you loose your wallet in Germany and police recovers it, you receive it by post. One friend Ada, lost her wallet. After two days, she received it by post - sent by the local police. Both money and documents, cards were still there.

- Buying a bike in Germany is cheaper than buying a new wheel for an old one.

- I have 6 phone numbers where I can be reached. Two of them can be used to perfectly track where I am with a precision of less than a meter.

- If you listen to your mp3-player while riding your bike - and have an accident - insurance company won't pay you any money. I still listen to music when I ride my bike.

- One in three women will trade their password for free chocolate (sorry, it's only in German :(). I will try this during the next month.

- Bucharest, a city that I don't personally find special, can look very well from up above.

Image of Bucharest, Copyright doisase