Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shift happens

The idea of a "computer" first came up in 2400 BC, with the Babylonian abacus. 4 300 years later (1960), it evolved into the first computer.
Within 40 years, the computer became as we know it today. This is an amazing development rate, but where will it get us?

A "must see", from Karl Fisch, and Scott McLeod, based on true facts.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Unusual way to become famous

Mina, a 13 years old girl, became famous in less than 3 months after sharing a video online.

Mina 13 - How the angels fly - MyVideo

She now has a contract with a music studio who sponsored her, and a brand new video.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Coolness factor

Have you ever seen one of those spoiled kids that talk a lot without actually saying anything? I was coming from Aachen recently, and on the train there were three (probably British) fancy guys sitting next to me: two girls, and one cool guy.
I couldn't stop taking my laptop out of the bag, and writing down what they said while trying not to laugh. Let me put here parts of their conversation (mostly between the alpha-girl, and the "cool" guy). I won't comment much on their physical aspect, since that is not nice. Let's just say... the girls ate too much in their lives, and the guy was too fancy to be a guy.

She: Do you like... like people in Cologne?
He: Well, yeah.. it's like.. people in Cologne are like... nice.
She: Yeah exactly.
He: Cuz when I.. like.. went to Prague and back.. it's like.. good. (*wtf did he mean? :|)
She: yeaa, exactly.... like.... yeaaaa, definitely, like...... yeaaa, german guys are like really cool, and like.... yeaa
He: Yeah... no.... definitely.

She: I'd probably like.. say like... I don't know.
He: Yeah, it was like.. 4 hours.. like woow, I was like... oh my god! (yes, he-s a guy :|)
She: Ahahaha (cool laugh).
He: Can you like.. stir it? (talking about a drink)
She: Well ya, no, it's like.. yea, like you can also stir it, but it's not like........ you don't have to, you can just like.. drink it like that.

I wonder how two of this people become lovers. How do they communicate?
She: - Like... yea... like... it's so... oh my god!
He: - Do you like... like me?
She: - Like, yeah, definitely!
He: OK.. cool, let's like.. get married or something. (:|)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are spammers intelligent people?

Have you ever asked yourselves how intelligent people that make spam really are? I think most of them are just idiots. Why are they even bothering? Is there still anybody out there who would even open a spam e-mail?

Do you want to meet new people?
Maybe yes, but at least not by clicking on some blinking link in a suspicious mail written half in Chinese, half like "g E t R Ea1 C h1ck$". Even if you're curious enough to open such a link, you would end up in some really cheap site asking money from you.
Punch the monkey!!! and win 1 000 000 000$. Send this to 10 friends, and you'll go to heaven!

You spammers out there reading this, if you send spam, at least do it intelligent! Convince us to click on your stupid links! :D